Meeting Minutes – October 19, 2021

Compiled by Diane Eckberg

The October 19, 2021 meeting was called to order at the Boone Courtyard Marriott by President Jim Street at 7:45 a.m.  There were 21 in person and 4 Zoom attendees.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Sergeant at Arms Nick Friedman presided over the 50/50 drawing and Happy Dollar collection.

Happy Dollars & Announcements

Reggie Hassler was happy to be present!

Walter Browning recognized a successful Valle Country Fair and the many Rotarians that volunteered.

Howard Brafman also applauded the Valle Country Fair, where 1152 jars of apple butter were sold!

John Cooper reminded all that World Polio Day is Sunday, October 24.  Rotary efforts to eradicate Polio have been underway since 1979.  Boone Sunrise Rotary is donating over $1400 to the effort this year.

John also presented an egg carton of golf balls to Nick Friedman, who frequently brings cartons of organic eggs to meetings to exchange for CART donations.  

Nick Friedman saluted Colin Powell.  He also acknowledged his FSU Seminoles did not lose (or play) this past Saturday.  Nick once again had eggs to share.

Prior to Ben Henderson and Caroline Poteat presenting the details of the 2021 Fruit Sale, President Jim Street recognized some of the efforts of the Club, including enhanced fundraising efforts, external marketing/communication, internal infrastructure/communication and the continuing service efforts like those that earned the Club the Chamber’s Ben Suttle Special Services Award.

Chuck Mantooth acknowledged the Club’s enhanced efforts to reach young people through Interact and Rotaract.  With workforce growth and preparation a huge concern, he feels the need to invest in youth is key.

Lynne Mason confirmed that she and Kathy Scott have reached out to Rotaract, which will be re-energized and reminded all that Watauga High School’s Interact is very active under Susan Irving’s leadership.

Adding to the conversation re youth services and developing the workforce, Walter Browning shared his encounter with a Mountain Alliance youth who was eagerly pursuing a welding career…keeping his “eye on the prize.”


Ben Henderson and Caroline Poteat introduced the 20th Annual Fruit Sale Fundraiser.  Historically, this is the Club’s largest fundraiser and needs the support of all members. This year’s goal is to raise $7500, or $200 in profit or donation per member.

Customers may be interested in how the fundraiser profits are used.  The following are among past grant recipients:

  • Back 2 School Festival/Kathy’s Corner
  • Watauga County Habitat for Humanity
  • Clean Water Project in the Dominican Republic
  • Childcare Room Furnishings at the Watauga Recreation Center
  • Hunger & Health Coalition
  • Western Youth Network
  • High Country MOAA – Veterans Memorial
  • Scholarship Awards to College Students
  • Rise Against Hunger
  • Teacher Classroom Grants

Indian River Groves offers gift boxes and bulk boxes of fruit.    See the attached pricing sheet for detailsTheir navel oranges are from Florida this year.  The company stands behind their products and will replace any fruit that is unsatisfactory.

Customers have a two options for placing orders:  

  1. On line at  When placing an order on this site, the customer must pay in advance, using a credit card.  These orders can be shipped anywhere in the Continental United States (with a $7.95/box delivery fee) or directly to the Club in Boone (specific location TBD) for customer pick up in mid December (no shipping cost).
  2. Place order through a Club member:  Some customers may want a Club member to place their order.  In this case, the Club member will enter the order on this Google form (no paper forms!): These orders will be delivered to the Club for mid December pick up.  There is no shipping cost to the customer.  Customers will pay by cash or check at pick up.  Caroline Poteat has offered to assist members with using the Google form if needed (

Key dates to remember:

For those ordering online and shipping directly to the recipient:

  • October 29:  Last day to order for fruit delivery at customer’s address (in the Continental US) between November 15 and 24 (by Thanksgiving)
  • December 12:  Last day to order for delivery at customer’s address (in the Continental US) by December 24 (Christmas Eve)
  • Note:  During the online ordering process, customers are given the opportunity to specify “Thanksgiving delivery” or “Christmas delivery.”

For those ordering online or through a Club member for shipment to Boone in mid-December:

  • November 12:  Last day to order for delivery to the Club’s shipping location (TBD) for customer pick up in mid-December. 

Marketing the fruit sale was discussed for the remainder of the meeting.  New this year is a way for Club members to use an Indian River Groves Fundraising app (see attached) to reach out to their select contacts to market the sale.  The app will send up to 3 texts with the link to the ordering site to recipients:  at the beginning of the fundraiser, midway and at the end of the sale.  Once a contact has placed an order, no further texts will be sent.  Members can pick and choose which of their contacts will receive the texts.

All Club members, including the Zoomers, brainstormed marketing ideas for 5 minutes and identified the following ideas: 

  • Reach out to prior customers, family members, phone contacts, past and new business contacts, classmates, co-committee members, church family, all District Rotarians
  • Send promotional emails, being sure to send as a bcc to recipients if using a mass email (Caroline will craft a sample, Nick Friedman will send her some prior “Great Fruit for a Great Cause” examples)
  • Encourage business owners/managers to give fruit gifts to customers and employees
  • Leverage the new app
  • Visit other clubs, ie Kiwanis, other Rotary clubs
  • Post on Club and District websites
  • Like and share Facebook posts

After reciting the 4 Way Test, President Jim Street adjourned the meeting at 8:35 a.m.

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