Meeting Minutes – October 12, 2021

Submitted by Diane Eckberg

The October 12, 2021 meeting was called to order at the Boone Courtyard Marriott by President Jim Street at 7:43 a.m.  There were 21 in person attendees and 2 Zoom attendees.  

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Hanes Boren filled in as Sergeant at Arms, collecting numerous Happy Dollars and promoting the CART buckets.  There were many announcements associated with Happy Dollars this week (included below.)

Gary Plaag introduced his guests:  Joey Cardwell and Zack Prisk, both ASU students and owners of Blaster Technologies.


Mike Roberts announced that Julia Roberts has been accepted to the Social Anthropology Doctorate program and is now back at Cambridge.

Chuck Mantooth shared that Covid is waning at Appalachian Regional Healthcare.

Reggie Hassler and speaker Michele Garashi-Ellick were happy to be present.

Diane Ekberg noted that Caroline Poteat was named a 2021 Trailblazer by Business Carolina magazine.

Bob Gates reminded all that the Valle Country Fair could still use volunteers on Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday of this week.  Email Julie Gates at if you can help.  The Valle Country Fair has raised and donated over $1 million over 42 years to various community groups.  There will be 2 entrances and 1 exit to better handle traffic this year.

John Cooper reminded all that ASU’s football game is televised at 7:30 tonight (October 12.)

Jim Street reminded all that the Chamber’s Annual Meeting is tonight (October 12)) at Valle Crucis Park.

Lynne Mason affirmed that the Valle Country Fair is a Club project.  Record hours on the spreadsheet sent earlier.  There will probably be a Habitat for Humanity build day in November.

Caroline Poteat advised that the fruit sale link is live, in advance of the October 19 kick-off:

Jennifer Warren asked members for help reaching out to members who have been absent for several meetings.  Those who volunteered are asked to let Jennifer know after contact has been made (

A reminder was made that World Polio Day is October 24.


Diane Ekberg introduced Michele Garashi-Ellick, District 7670 CART Director.  Michele shared many facts and figures about Alzheimer’s Disease and the CART fund using a spirited game of Jeopardy.  A few key takeaways follow:

  • Rotary and CART give scientists a chance to conduct research to find the cause of, a cure for, a treatment to slow the progression of, and/or a prevention for Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • 100% of every donation is given to research scientists.
  • CART is a 501.C3, so all donations are tax deductible.
  • There are many ways to donate (see attached Rotary CART Info Card).


Prior to adjourning the meeting, President Jim Street asked that the Grant Committee meet with him for 15 minutes after next week’s meeting (10/19/21).

After reciting the 4 Way Test, Jim adjourned the meeting at 8:23 a.m.

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