Mac Forehand

Version 2

Mac Forehand

One of many unanticipated consequences of the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI was the uniting of my VA/NC Forehand clan with my maternal New Englanders and my birth in Vermont. While Vermont is a lovely place, it has no seacoast so was not a fortuitous setting for Dad’s Coast Guard career. Most of that was spent in Norfolk, VA, with occasional stints in other saltwater locations. After 3 high schools, I attended William and Mary, where my dorm room became the address I had lived at the longest in my life.

After “doing 4” in the Coast Guard myself, successfully defending Virginia Beach, I returned to Williamsburg, resumed a career in tourism with Colonial Williamsburg, and got an MBA at the local college (W&M).

I came to Boone in 1998 as director of the Boone Convention and Visitors Bureau, from which I retired in 2010 when it was dissolved. I find that the rat race is a much better spectator sport than a participatory one. I also teach as an adjunct in the Hospitality program at ASU.

My wife of 50 years and I have two grown children and one grandson who lives in Alaska.

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