Meet the Boone Sunrise Rotary Leaders for 2015-16…

Our officers and directors represent a diversity of High Country residents — from executives to academics to entrepreneurs. But we have one thing in common: We want to make our community and our world a better place for all of us as individuals and humankind.

President Ivey, Rosa M.
Email: rivey@primelending.com
Office: (828)963-1400  
Cell: (239)290-3753
President-Elect Moss, Gary T. Jr.
Email: garytmossjr@yahoo.com
Office: 828-264-8990  
Cell: 828-260-3218
Secretary Proffit, Diana
Email: diproffit@yahoo.com
Office: 828-266-9658  
Treasurer Bailey, Mark J.
Email: mark@markbaileycpa.com
Office: (828)963-5040  
Home: 843-870-9692  
Service Projects Chair Mason, Lynne
Email: masonlo@aol.com
Office: 828-265-3506  
Home: 828-265-3212  
Cell: 828-719-8566
Sergeant-at-Arms Friedman, Nicholas R.
Email: maxinvest@skybest.com
Office: 828-297-5198  
Home: 828-297-5198  
Cell: 828-964-9131
Rotary Foundation Chair Miller, J. Robert
Email: cbminc676@bellsouth.net
Office: 828-263-8610  
Home: 828-264-4783  
Membership Chair Hartley, Regina D
Email: hartleyrd@appstate.edu
Office: 828-262-7447  
Home: 828-719-8986  
Cell: 828-719-8986
Bulletin Editor
Club Public Image Chair
Reagan, Jason
Email: jasonpreagan@gmail.com
Office: 828-963-2137  
Cell: 828-719-8398
Club PolioPlus Chair Cooper, John
Email: johnc@mastgeneralstore.com
Office: 828-963-6511  
Home: 828-963-6240  
Cell: 828-265-9847
Club Fellowship Jarman, Joshua
Email: jjarman@apprhs.org
Office: 828-268-8969  
Cell: 919-280-0644
iPast President Eyler, Chuck
Email: eylerc1@nationwide.com
Office: 828-264-8777  
Home: 336-782-6700  
Cell: 336-782-6700
Asst Governor – Area 11: Clabough, James E.
Email: jclabough@charter.net
Home: 828-295-0939  
Cell: 828 406 1435

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