Meeting Recap – November 16, 2021

Minutes compiled by Diane Eckberg

The November 16, 2021 meeting was called to order at 7:45 a.m. at the F.A.R.M. Cafe by President Jim Street.  There were 23 in person and 2 Zoom participants.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Chuck Eyler filled in as Sergeant at Arms, collecting Happy Dollars.

Announcements and Happy Dollars

Howard Brafman is relieved to be off his condo board.

Ben Covington shared a joke.

Diane Ekberg thanked Beau Wilson for driving to the Habitat site to take photos.

Reggie Hassler is happy to be present.

Lynne Mason announced that November 16 is another Habitat work day.  Bring lunch.  Be prepared to hang batten and/or paint.  

Caroline Poteat is placing the Boone central delivery fruit order today by 11 a.m.  Customers can still place orders at the Indian River Grove website through December 12 for delivery directly to homes/businesses.

Caroline also invited all to attend a Jazz Fest planning meeting immediately after the Club meeting.

Renee Boughman, Manager of the F.A.R.M. Cafe (Feed All Regardless of Means), shared a few facts/plans regarding the Cafe.  They’ve fed over 200,000 people.  Their food recovery program has kept 55,000 pounds of food from landfills.  Elena Dalton, Director of Operations, is working on “Take it to Ten,” a 2022 celebration of their February, 2022, ten year anniversary of serving in their current location.  A disc golf tournament will be held in West Jefferson in 2022 to celebrate and raise funds.

Jim Street reminded all that next week’s meeting will again be at the F.A.R.M. Cafe.

Diane Ekberg passed the CART basket.


Scott Davidson, Kathy Scott and Jim Street facilitated “Who Mentored You?” in preparation for National Mentoring Month in January, 2022.  Several stories of significant mentors were shared.  Lynne Mason shared that there is research-based proof of the long term value of mentoring.

Club members can look forward to several other WYN/mentoring initiatives, including a January event to further raise awareness of needs for mentoring at Western Youth Network (WYN).  WYN is the Club’s recipient of a District matching funds grant this year.

WYN mentors help over 100 children between 6 and 17 in Watauga and Avery Counties.  There are over 100 children on the waitlist for a mentor.  WYN conducts potential mentor background checks and provides training.  The commitment is to spend two hours/week for a full year with the child.  

For more information, contact Club member and WYN Executive Director Jennifer Warren (828-264-5174) and/or check out their website:

After reciting the 4 Way Test, the meeting was adjourned by President Street at 8:30 a.m.

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