Meeting Minutes – October 5, 2021

The October 5, 2021 meeting was called to order at the Boone Courtyard Marriott by President Jim Street at 7:40 a.m.  There 30 in person and 3 Zoom attendees.  Guests included Gloria Ollordaa, ASU Fulbright Fellow/Rotarian from Nigeria, and Jeannine Collines Underdown.  Jim presented Gloria with a Club banner.

After the pledge of allegiance, Sergeant at Arms Nick Friedman presided over the sharing of Happy Dollars, humor and the 50/50 drawing.


Ben Henderson urged everyone to attend the October 19 meeting to get the details of the fruit sale roll out on October 20.

Lynne Mason reminded everyone about the October 5 blood drive.  Beau Wilson, Gary Plaag and Nick Friedman are working the first shift, followed by Howard Brafman and Scott Davidson handling the second.

Lynne also reminded everyone that the Valle Country Fair on October 16, 2021 is the next Club project. Email Julie Gates at if you are willing to help out with Friday set up or at the Saturday event.

Future possible service projects include a project with WAMY, Santa for Seniors (in conjunction with the Boone Police Department), the Hunger & Health Coalition and Habitat for Humanity (possibly November.)

Lynne will also be sending a revamped spreadsheet for logging volunteer hours.

Nick Friedman had eggs available for a CART donation and urged everyone to remember CART.

Diane Ekberg confirmed that members had received David Jackson’s email regarding the October 12, 2021 Chamber of Commerce annual meeting at Valle Crucis Park from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.  Club members are urged to attend.

Jim Street reminded that assistance is needed from the members in identifying speakers.  Brian Irving will lead this “non-committee.”  Nick Friedman has already identified five possible speakers.  Gary Plaag, Elisha Childers, Kathy Scott, Hanes Boren and John Cooper offered to assist.

Jim also sought assistance in putting together a January event for WYN.  Scott Davidson, Kathy Scott and Jennifer Warren volunteered to help.  Lynne Mason offered assistance with space and some food.


Brian Irving introduced ASU’s Dr. Howard “Howie” Neufeld aka the Fall Color Guy.  Dr. Neufeld expanded on the topic of “Why Do Trees Turn Color in the Fall?  Does It Do Them Any Good, or Are They Just Making Nice for Us Humans?”

Starting with a photographic presentation of Fall color around the world, Dr. Neufeld went on to talk about the hypotheses of color change, from the earliest (now refuted) theory that there is no purpose/reason behind the change to current scientific theories that tie benefits from leaf color change to trees/plants.

Dr. Neufeld spoke to the significant economic value of Fall color.  During the three Fall months, tourists spend $500-800 million in NC, and $25-30 billion in the 25 Eastern US states.  

NC has a significantly longer Fall color season than New England.  The NC season typically starts in late September at the highest elevations, then progresses eastward through the state over about 8 weeks.

Dr. Neufeld compared red tree color in North America, and New England in particular, to Europe.  The Eastern US has a shorter growing season (cooler) and more sun than Europe, one reason for the presence of more red color in the US.

Dr. Neufeld addressed the effect of climate change on leaf color.  Warmer temperatures and rainy weather result in delayed and less color.  In addition, exotic pests have eliminated some colorful trees, such as the ash and chestnut.

Dr. Neufeld suggested Elk Knob State Park and the route from Todd to West Jefferson as good places to see Fall color without the crowds on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  He also suggested the following sites for more information: and

After reciting the 4 Way Test, Jim Street adjourned the meeting at 8:35.

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