Meeting Minutes – September 21, 2021

Compiled by Diane Ekberg

The September 21, 2021 meeting was called to order at the Boone Courtyard Marriott by President Jim

Street at 7:40 a.m.  There were 24 in person and 5 Zoom attendees.  Guest Reggie Hassler was in attendance.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Sergeant at Arms Nick Frieman presided over the collection of Happy Dollars and the 50/50 drawing.


Lynne Mason introduced the spreadsheet for recording service hours.  She also shared a thank you from the Town of Boone for the Club’s participation in the recent New River clean up.

Diane Ekberg shared that 9/21 is World Alzheimer Day.

Jim Street referred members to his 9/20 “Opportunities to Increase Your Engagement with Our Club” email, encouraging member involvement.


Jim Street presented a $6560 check to Lane Robinson for Southern Appalachian Historical Association.  This is 50% of the proceeds from the recent parking fund raiser.

President Elect Brian Irving introduced members Walter Browning, Brian Crutchfield and Gary Plaag, who all shared information regarding their families, careers and hobbies/interests.  It was a great opportunity to get to know these members better!

After Walter led the recitation of the 4 Way Test, President Jim Street adjourned the meeting at 8:30 a.m.

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