5 Questions with Elisha Childers

Each week, we get to know a Boone Sunrise Rotarian by asking five simple, but reflective questions.

This week we feature Elisha Childers, Executive Director of The Children’s Council of Watauga County. A veteran of non-profit administration, fundraising, and leadership, Elisha serves as a strong advocate for children and families in Watauga County. Her recent efforts have helped to educate State legislators on important issues regarding early childhood development, complete with plans and examples of how increased resources would immediately benefit families in the High Country.

What appeals to you most about being a Rotarian?  The thing that appeals to me most about being a Rotarian is the club’s ability and commitment for connection within our community.   I have been a Rotarian since 2010, starting at the Hendersonville Rotary Club in my hometown.  Rotary was the place to be for connections in our community and when I moved to Boone, I knew connecting with Rotary in this community was a priority.  Additionally, Rotary’s involvement with eradicating polio has meaning for me.  My father had polio as a child and for a period of time lost his ability to walk.  Thankfully, he had a full recovery and is healthy and active in his retirement years.  

What has been your favorite Boone Sunrise Rotary service project to work on during your time with the club?  I joined the club in the summer of 2019 and shortly thereafter, COVID occurred which has hampered my ability to participate in a service project.  I did help with the fruit sale pickups in 2019 , and I’ll be volunteering at the Back 2 School Festival this year and am very excited to help. 

What brought you to the High Country?  In May 2019, I remarried.  My husband is from Wilkesboro and we live there now.  After we got engaged and I knew I’d be moving to Wilkesboro, I began my job search and happily landed in my role as Executive Director at the Children’s Council here in Boone.   All that said, I’ve been coming to Boone all my life.  People who live in Hendersonville, NC (my hometown), come to Boone for vacations, Makotos :), Tweetsie, and a good number of our students come to ASU.  

How has Boone Sunrise Rotary helped deepen your connections within the community?  Like I said, in planning to move to a new community, I knew connecting with the local Rotary Club was a priority.  Boone Sunrise Rotary has not disappointed! I have really appreciated the support club members have given me and the Children’s Council.   I love the energy of this club and have learned so much from presentations from our club members and community members.  Some of my very favorite club meetings are when the members themselves tell about themselves and their lives.   

How can the Boone Sunrise Rotary Club help the High Country thrive?  Continue to serve our community and let people know we are Rotarians when we are doing so.  I like our new plans for social media visibility, combined with action like wearing our Rotary pins or Rotary vests and putting our signage so people know how our club members are helping make this a better place for all. 

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