5 Questions with Chuck Eyler

Each week, we get to know a Boone Sunrise Rotarian by asking five simple, but reflective questions.

We start this feature with Chuck Eyler, President of Peak Insurance Group in Boone. A member of the club since 2012, Chuck served as Boone Sunrise Rotary President for the 2015-16 year and remains an active volunteer through participation in various service projects.

1. What appeals to you most about being a Rotarian?  Rotary is an opportunity to serve and connect with the community.  Each are important.  Additionally, for me there are many leadership opportunities in Rotary that can help individuals grow personally and professionally.  Serve, connect, and grow!

2. What has been your favorite Boone Sunrise Rotary service project to work on during your time with the club?  There have been so many.  But honestly, the fruit sale has been the most consistent.  So many people in the community see this and are connected to it in some way that I think it pays more dividends than just the profits we get each year.  I like this aspect of it. 

3. What brought you to the High Country?  I had the opportunity to purchase a business here.  Ironically, Park Terrell was a Rotarian so that is how I got involved in Rotary.  Goes to show the Rotary “gene” can be passed down! I am thankful to Park dragging me to my first Rotary meeting.  I still remember that.  Ham was president! Park told me, and I think this is true still, that you need to be connected to this group of people in Boone.  They are some of the most generous AND successful folks in the high country.

4. How has Boone Sunrise Rotary helped deepen your connections within the community?   BSR really has some of the most talented and generous people in our area.  The influence those folks have had on my career, me personally, and my family is remarkable.  About anything I want to accomplish in Boone involves someone from this Rotary club.  Amazing. 

5. How can the Boone Sunrise Rotary Club help the High Country thrive?  I think we are natural connectors.  We build relationships by serving others. I think people know that we serve but if they truly understand how the relationships would influence their lives more fundamentally, there would be more lined up to join. 

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