Meeting Minutes – July 13, 2021

Submitted by Diane Ekberg

The July 13, 2021 meeting was called to order at the Boone Courtyard Marriott by President Jim Street at 7:48 a.m.  There were 26 attendees present at the hotel and an additional 3 via Zoom.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Sergeant at Arms Nick Friedman shared humor and collected Happy Dollars.


Nick Friedman announced the resumption of Honor Flights, which will include Korean and Viet Nam War vets, in addition to WW II vets.  Nick asked the the Club consider supporting a flight.  In the past the Club engaged community groups and raised $10,000 for a flight.  He suggested targeting DAV, VFW, MOA and American Legion organizations for support.  The Honor Flights were founded by a Rotarian in Henderson, NC, so Nick felt we could easily get logistic support.

Jim Street advised that the Club will receive a $2,000 District grant, which will be matched by a $2,000 Club donation.  In the past, the Club has used District grants to support Kathy’s Corner and the downtown Boone war memorial, among other projects.  Western Youth Network will be the recipient this year.  While the specific use of the grant is TBD, it will become a Club Service Project.

Rotary Minute:  Bob Miller reminded us that the District Conference will be August 13-15 in Asheville, encouraging sign up.  He and Brian Irving will attend.  This conference is being held in August, rather than May or June, as it covers two Rotary years:  2020-21 and 2021-22.  There was no 2020-21 in person conference due to COVID 19.

The Club membership affirmed the value of Bob’s Rotary Minute, as it helps tie the Club to the bigger Rotary District/International worlds.  Gary Plagg asked about the readership of the Rotary magazine.  Bob will continue to summarize key articles at meetings.


Club goals for 2021-22 were presented by Jim Street, committees and officers (see presentation attached.)  Members were encouraged to identify areas of interest and join committees to accomplish the Club’s goals.  Following are some additional notes for each set of goals.

FOUNDATION:  Bob Miller and John Cooper take the leads on two key elements of the Foundation:  Paul Harris (Bob) and Polio Plus (John).  Bob addressed both.  Boone Sunrise has had 14-15 years of 100% Paul Harris participation and 100% sustaining support (all members contribute $100 annually, accomplished by collecting $25/quarter as part of dues.)  There are 47 clubs in the District; Boone Sunrise is 1 of 15 clubs in the District to be a sustaining member club this past year.

Boone Sunrise has been donating to Polio Plus since 1985.  The District asks that each club donate at least $45 per member.  John Cooper led the effort to raise $2100 last year.  Only two countries (Afghanistan and Pakistan) have not yet received a WHO eradication certificate (awarded when no new cases have occurred for 3 years.)

MEMBERSHIP:  Nick Katers, Jen Warren and Nick Friedman will be leading this effort.  Nick hopes to recruit 10-15 more diverse members, leveraging more robust social media and fun activities such as 5th Tuesday.  A challenge to the Club is to “replace yourself,” ie, everyone recruit a new member.  A large focus will be on member retention.  Currently the committee reaches out to members who have missed 3 meetings as part of this effort.  Jesse Lutabingwa asked if we know who’s left and why.  Nick confirmed that we do have data, which he will present at a future program on membership.

YOUTH SERVICES:  Kathy Scott is leading this effort, with assistance identified so far from Jen Warren, Scott Davidson and Interact Sponsor Susan Irving.  Kathy emphasized the commitment to youth services as a commitment to the future.  She presented 11 key goals, summarizing by committing to supporting youth organizations/activities by providing resources needed.

COMMUNICATIONS – INTERNAL:  As Secretary Diane Ekberg has begun distributing Club meeting notices and minutes and will add Board meeting notices and minutes when the Board meets the first Tuesday of each month.

SERVICE/INTERNATIONAL SERVICE:  Lynne Mason and Gary Moss spearhead local service activities.  Lynne advised that an upcoming meeting will be devoted to Club service opportunities.

Jesse Lutabingwa heads up international service activities.  He reminded the membership that the Club works jointly with Wine to Water on water projects in the Dominican Republic.  A Club grant of $15,000 was recently made to Wine to Water for a new project that is starting soon.  Because the Dominican Republic is reasonably close to the US, Jesse is hopeful that some members may visit for future project implementation.

Jesse also works to bring international speakers to the Club.

COMMUNICATIONS – EXTERNAL:  David Jackson, Caroline Poteat and Beau Wilson lead this effort.  They will focus on strengthening communication with the community at large via social and traditional media, the Club website and DAC-db.  Subject matter will include Club activities, potentially member profiles and possibly posting meeting minutes on Facebook, as suggested by Howard Brafman.

Beau was recognized for his work posting articles and photos on DAC-db.

David had updated Facebook for the first time in recent history.

BOONE SUNRISE FELLOWSHIP:  Hanes Boren and Lane Robinson will continue organizing 5th Tuesday events at different locations and the December holiday event.

FUNDRAISING:  Ben Henderson and Caroline Poteat are co-chairing this committee and have John Eckman working with them.  The fall fruit sale will continue, along with “something new,” a fun, community oriented event TBD.  Suggestions are encouraged, as is support from other Club members.

CART:  By sharing some unfortunately grim statistics, Chair Diane Ekberg wants to continue raising awareness of the need for and Rotary’s efforts to raise research funds through Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust.  Started by the Sumter, SC Rotary Club in 1996, over $3.5 million in grants has been awarded for research in the United States.  

Last year Boone Sunrise donated $1744.01 to CART through CART bucket funds, member donations and matches (matches of $50 or more made by Harold Tilley, John Cooper, Nick Friedman, Bob Gates, Bob Miller, Lane Robinson and Diane Ekberg.)

The second goal is to equal or exceed last year’s donation.  Diane will propose to the Board that we ask every member to donate $1 per month, adding it to the dues bill.  That would raise $540, which Diane and her husband will match.

CONCLUSION:  Jim Street again urged everyone to get involved in at least one committee, with a particular immediate emphasis on Membership, Fundraising and the new Program Committee, with Brian Irving, as President Elect, being the Chair.  Contact Brian (910-262-7249) with program/speaker suggestions.

Next week’s meeting will feature new District Governor Ken Shull.  

The next Board meeting, to which all are invited, will be August 3, 2021, at the Courtyard Marriott, after the membership meeting.

After the 4-Way Test recitation, Jim Street adjourned the meeting at 8:30 a.m.

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