#Rotary Resource: What is #DACdb Again?

DACdBMobileHave you logged on to DACdb yet?

No, it’s not an obscure 1980’s punk band. What is it? District and Club Database (DACdb) is a powerful online tool that can take your Rotary experience from “blah” to awesome with just a few mouse clicks.

DACdb also helps districts and clubs around the world improve member communication and community outreach.

At the Tuesday, Aug. 9 meeting, we will give our members the opportunity to log on to DACdb and confirm your log-in info. After that, you will be able to access DACdb’s many great features (on your PC OR mobile device). Click here for a tutorial. 

DACdb features include:

  • Real-time information about your club and members. Connects instantly to Rotary International;

  • Easy to navigate Membership Directory (look up member emails, phone, etc.);
  • Locate information about your Club Officers and Directors;
  • Connect easily with your Committees;
  • Event Calendar: Club, District, Zone, multi-district registrations;
  • Club Calendar: Special events, service projects, socials and all Club meetings. Online event registration is also available;
  • Communication: Improve District and Club communication using DACdb’s PMail, PText, Stories and ezBulletin tools.
  • Monthly and Weekly Attendance. online/offline attendance. Includes excused absences, meeting guests, meeting meal tracking, etc.;
  • Access DACdb information on the go, using our new mobile application. Your club or district directory at your fingertips, on your Smartphone: DACdb.mobi in your browser;
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