Update: Tanzanian Water Tanks Almost Complete

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Launched as a local-to-global project of the Boone Sunrise Rotary Club, “TAP” was founded with the goal of establishing a water collection facility to improve the quality of life for the community of Bukota, Tanzania.  Archard Ngemela recently updated TAP Club co-organizer Jesse Lutabingwa with photos.

“Greetings from Bukoba. Attached find photos for the latest visit to our project site.  Construction of the last batch of tanks is in final stage and the practical handover will be done soon. Many appreciation from the District Director and the community.

Best regards,
Archard Ngemela”

Communities such as Bukota currently collect their water from mud holes where animals drink, leaving their only water source contaminated with feces and bacteria, causing disease.  Children often must search for and carry water for miles, preventing them from attending school and obtaining the education they need to raise themselves out of the poverty and disease they are living in.  The project establishes mechanisms for collecting and storing rain water, as well as distribution points at schools and churches in needy Tanzanian communities.

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